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Archive | LR21 LOTR 'The watcher at Sarn Ford™' 32mm Scale Metal Miniature.

Mithril Miniatures

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Late in the Third-age, when Gandalf realised that Bilbo's ring was in fact the One Ring, and that Sauron's servants were searching Middle-earth in its pursuit, he arranged that the Rangers of the North should keep a watch on the Shire. One such ranger was posted on the Brandywine river, south of the Shire in order to track any suspicious northbound travelers. He took up his watch at Sarn ford.

Painting Guide:

It is best to paint the horse, rider, sword, scabbard & cloak separately and then assemble them once the painting is finished. The horse is first given a coat of 874 washed with black 950 giving almost a black effect and then given the lightest dry brushing with 874 and then a dry brushing 977 on the higher areas. A very light wash of 950 is then applied to unite all the colours. The reigns are painted with 950, with buckles etc. given a light treatment of 864.

The bags are painted with 981 and the folds etc. darkened with 875. The blanket at the back is painted 894 washed with black 950 and highlighted with 894 and 881 and given a paten on the open edge using triangles. The blanket straps are painted with 875 and given a fine outline of 950. The blanket at the front is painted using 989 and dry brushed with 950. Horse blanket is given alternate stripes of 977 and 856 as a decoration. The two water canteens are painted with 875 with the holding straps a slightly darker 984 again, the straps are given a fine outline of 950. The saddle is painted using 940.

The cloak is painted using 823 and a wash of 950 and then highlighted with 823 & further highlighted with 881 leaving the darker colour in the folds. The clasps at the top of the cape are painted with 998. His boots and gloves are painted using 940 with wash of 950. His trousers are painted with 856 with a wash of 984. The jacket is painted using 981 with a wash of 984 and 950 then, dry bushed with 981. His straps and sword scabbard are painted using 940 with a wash of 950. His shirt is painted using 881 with wash of 890. The feather is painted using white with a wash of 989.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

LR Series (Pewter) - From the Shire to the Barrow Downs
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Cast and unassembled.
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