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Goldberry was the wife of Tom Bombadil. Goldberry is described as a beautiful and (seemingly) young maiden with golden hair. She may be a spirit of the river Withywindle in the Old Forest of Tolkien's Middle-earth.

Painting Guide:

Her skin is given a covering of light flesh 815 with wash of 804 highlighted with 815 and a small amount of 928.
The dress is given a basic coat of 808 with an overall wash of 966 highlighted with, 808 and then further highlighted with 808 using equal amounts of 951. The pattern on the front of her dress is painted with silver 997.

Goldberry was described as having long yellow hair rippled down her shoulders This effect is achieved by painting her hair with 977 a wash of 984 and then dry brushed with 977 then further dry brushed with 819 with a hint of 951. The mirror was painted with 977 and then given a light wash of dark brown 983.

The rocks on the base are painted with 877 using a strong wash of 955 with highlights added and a touch of 990 Then given a dry brushing of 820. The grass is painted with Green 890 and dry brushed with yellow.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

LR Series (Pewter) - From the Shire to the Barrow Downs
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