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Archive | MS434 Lord of the Rings 'The Death of Boromir™' Fellowship 32mm Scale Metal Miniature.

Mithril Miniatures

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Boromir was the son and heir to the Steward of Gondor. He had joined the Fellowship of the Ring in Rivendell but was tempted by the Ring during their travels and tried to take it from Frodo.

Frodo fled from Boromir by using the Ring and Boromir quickly recovered his senses and felt great shame at his weakness. He reported to Aragorn that Frodo had vanished and was charged with guarding Merry & Pippin who went to look for Frodo, while Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli split up and searched elsewhere. Boromir & the 2 hobbits were alone when orcs from Isengard attacked. He blew his horn to alert the others that he was in trouble. Aragorn found him dying, his back to a tree, pierced with many arrows. His sword was in his hand, broken near the hilt, his horn cloven in two at his side. Many orcs lay slain nearby but there was no sign of Merry & Pippin. The surviving orcs had bound them and carried them off, back to Saruman.

His last words were "Farewell, Aragorn! Go to Minas Tirith and save my people! I have failed!". "No!" said Aragorn, taking his hand and kissing his brow. "You have conquered. Few have gained such a victory. Be at peace! Minas Tirith shall not fall!". Boromir smiled and died.

Constructing the arrows for the "Death of Boromir" vignette:

As you know Boromir's body is described in LotR as shot through with arrows. But due to the technical difficulties involved in the casting of such thin items , I have decided to omit them. Should anyone wish to make arrows for the vignette, both in Boromir's body and on the ground, I recommend the following method.

Take a length of standard telephone wire and strip off the outer plastic casing with a plier. The exposed copper-wire is approx. 0.5mm in diameter. Take a plier and squeeze flat about 1.5 mm of the end of the wire. Add a small amount of milliput to this flattened area to make the flight. Shape the flight and when dry, cut off the wire to a length of about 8mm. repeat the process for the number of arrows required. - Chris Tubb

This is the 1st release in the Gold Status Fellowship club and was July 2005's Winning idea.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Fellowship club
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October 2005
Primed and some assembly required
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Metal Miniatures

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    The Death of Boromir

    Posted by Thierry on 12th Sep 2020

    One of the best mithril miniatures. The scene is very detailed, the work very fine. Everything is there, the sword broken, the horn split in half, the shields chipped... The composition is magnificent, and corresponds totally to the writings of Tolkien. The undercoat, a beautiful light grey, makes the shadows look good. In fact, this miniature is much more beautiful in the real life than on pictures. With the MS506 and the MS583, we have "the end of Boromir" illustrated by Mithril.