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MB685 The Lord of the Rings 'The Hobbit™' 32mm Scale Metal Miniatures.

Mithril Miniatures

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Gandalf lead a expedition of Dwarves and Bilbo the Hobbit on an exciting and dangerous adventure to the Lonely Mountain to defeat the mighty dragon, Smaug. On the way to the mountain they encountered Goblins and Mirkwood Elves and had to escape intact in both circumstances. When Smaug was disturbed by Bilbo's theft, Smaug flew to Laketown to burn it down and Bard managed to slay the dragon with an arrow through the one vulnerable spot in its armour. Afterwards there was a huge battle between five different factions for control of the mountain and the dragon's horde.

This is a redesigned box set from the original MB236 set. All figures are redesigned and The Master of Laketown replaces Bard of Laketown. The box cover art remains the same.

UNprimed box sets are available. Choose from options. These were available due to customer feedback. Unprimed means there is NO parts primed.

This boxed set includes:

  • Bilbo Baggins - A Hobbit from the Shire,
  • Thorin Oakenshield - A Dwarven Hero,
  • Gollum - A corrupted creature that once wore the One Ring,
  • Elrond, - The Lord of Rivendell, an Elven sanctuary.
  • Gandalf the wizard, - A powerful but mysterious mage.
  • Beorn, - a skinchanger. Capable of turning into a huge Bear.
  • The Elvenking, the father of Legolas and Lord of Mirkwood.
  • The Great Goblin, - a leader of a tribe of Goblins that ambushed the party.
  • The Master of Laketown - the original leader of the town that was attacked by Smaug.

Glue required (not included).

Small parts are not primed but the figures are primed in the PRIMED choice only. Metal alloy used is Pewter and is mostly Tin with a small amount of Zinc and Antimony.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Boxed Set
Human (Master of Laketown), Hobbit (Bilbo and Gollum), Dwarf (Thorin), Elf (Elven-King and Elrond), Maia (Gandalf), Orc (Great Goblin), Werebear (Beorn).
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Mostly Primed and unassembled. Unprimed available by product choice.
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Metal Miniatures

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  • 5
    The Hobbit Collection

    Posted by Greg Horne on 24th Nov 2022

    Lovely miniatured, very attractively presented in a well-thought out display type box. I'm greatly enjoying painting them. Detail is finely done and anatomy is just excellent. The miniatures themselves are slim and well-proportioned and cast extremely cleanly. Looking forward to painting all nine of these beauties.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Aug 2020

    Mithril classics revisited with a great design from Chris Tubb. Recommended for every colector and Middle Earth fan.