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MZ723 The Lord of the Rings 'Dale guards and militia' Resin figures

Mithril Miniatures

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The town of Dale was populated by Northmen and was neighbouring the mountain that Smaug the dragon resided. During the events recounted in The Hobbit, Smaug was enraged and attacked the town and burnt a lot of it down. Bard the archer finally managed to kill the beast with a special arrow and knowledge of a weak spot in the scales of the dragon. The town was then rebuilt and Bard became king. These guards and militia serve that town and seek to protect its population.

Only 95 of these figures are produced at this time. This is the 208th release in the Gold Status Fellowship club. This was the winning idea from July 2023 and was submitted by Fellowship member "maxtarna". This is the twenty-first fully resin release, with main bodies undercoated with matt grey primer and accessories unprimed. This release comes in seven parts, including three figures, a standard, two swords and an axe (all with arms). It is 32mm scale. The base has the manufacturer name MITHRIL, the sculptor's name and creation date and MZ number on the sides of the base.

Note on standard:

If the standard pole is a little bent this can easily be fixed. First attach the pole to a flat surface by securing each end with a small piece of blu-tac or similar. Push in  another piece of blu-tac at the centre point of the pole so that it looks straight and secure to the surface. Leave for two or three hours and the pole will stay in this straight position. See final photo for reference.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Release Date:
June 2024
Mostly Primed and requires assembly.
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Resin Miniatures