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MS589 The Lord of the Rings King Ostoher™ of Cardolan™' Fellowship Figure.

Mithril Miniatures

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Ostoher was the last effective king of the successor state of Cardolan in the early fifteenth century T.A. His kingdom, along with Rhudaur and Arthedain, had been weakened by years of civil strife and latterly by the incursions of the Witch-king. During the second Northern war against Rhudaur and Angmar, Ostoher and his two sons were slain at the battle of Tryn Gorthad, leaving his young daughter Nirnadel (M32) as his sole heir.

In T.A. 492, the Olog Warlord Rogrog led his orcish forces through Rhudaur and down the Gwathló valley to strike Cardolan from the east.
The assault crushed the Dúnedain, and the Half-troll's armies swept northwestward along the Old North Road. Rogrog sacked the Cardolian capital, forcing King Ostoher to flee. Ostoher travelled north into the barrow-downs, hoping to reach Arthedain. Unfortunately, Rogrog's Orcs cut him off before the King could take refuge in the Old Forest.

From ICE's Lost Realm of Cardolan.

This is the 87th release in the Gold Status Fellowship club and was October 2012's Winning idea. It was suggested by 'H.Wolf'. 40mm in height from the bottom of the base to the top of the sword.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Fellowship club
Release Date:
August 2013
Figure weight:
23 Grams
Primed and some assembly required
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Metal Miniatures

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  • 4
    MS 589 Ostoher

    Posted by Olivier de Boyer Montegut on 4th Jun 2022

    position épique qui aurait gagnée à être encore plus proche du dessin source d'inspiration mais qui s'en approche bien

  • 5
    MS 589 Ostoher

    Posted by Olivier de Boyer Montegut on 2nd May 2022

    belle figurine évoquant bien l'illustration de Angus Mac Bride