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Archive | MS574 'Beregond™ fighting Troll at the Black Gate™' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.

Mithril Miniatures

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This vignette depicts the opening scene of the battle of the black gate. The black Trolls of Mordor are unleashed upon the armies of Gondor, and serve as shock troops, cutting swathes through the Gondorian ranks. Armed with war-hammers they strike down all before them. Lying dead on the ground are two Gondorian city spearmen, the Troll’s first victims. A Dol Amroth infantryman, whose own unit stands with Beregond and his men at this part of the battle front, is kneeling, also wounded by the great Troll. The awful creature itself has just struck at Beregond, shattering his shield. Beregond, attired in the splendid garb of the Minas Tirith guards staggers back under the impact while a fearful yet determined Pippin, also attired as a Minas Tirith guard, attempts to stand his ground.

This is the 72nd release in the Gold Status Fellowship club and was June 2011's Winning idea. It was suggested by 'barliman'. Vignette measures 44mm in height from bottom of base to the top of the trolls raised buckler and the base measures 83mm in length.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Fellowship club
Human (Beregond), Hobbit (Pippin), Troll
Release Date:
March 2012
Figure weight:
144 Grams
Unprimed and some assembly required
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Metal Miniatures