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Archive | LR03 'Radagast™ the Brown' 32mm Scale Metal Miniature.

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Radagast the Brown was another member of the Order of Wizards, the Istari. He specialised in communicating with animals and taking care of nature. He was a little out of touch with what was happening with the Order and mistakenly sent Gandalf into a trap by passing on a message from Saruman. He was also instrumental in Gandalf's rescue by informing a Great Eagle of where Gandalf had gone to, resulting in the Eagle freeing Gandalf from the tower of Orthanc.

The Painting Guide:
Of all the Istari, Radagast has the most affinity with nature and this miniature is best considered with an autumnal palette in mind. Browns, greens, salmon, burnt orange are good colours to consider, with an obvious emphasis on the first of these. Beginning with a base coat of tan washed with a mix of black and brown all over the figure is the most useful start. Follow this by treating each item of clothing in a particular earth tone and highlighting each area before moving onto the next, (this will mean that a chosen colour need only be mixed once).

The detail on the overcloak can be lightly drybrushed in cream or off-white rather than in a colour which may jar with the earth colours already used.

The perching owl will have an almost finished appearance from the early stages and just requires a light drybrush across the face and breast . It is best not to give too much attention to peripheral items. This rule also applies to items such as the scrolls in Radagast's pockets which can be dealt with by a light drybrush of cream, bone or off-white.

The cat is most probably black and as such is best dealt with at the same time as Radagast's hair. Either a base coat of grey washed in black or a black base coat drybrushed with grey.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

LR Series (Pewter) - The Istari
Maia (Wizard)
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