2006 Lord of the Rings Arthedain™ Captain 54mm Christmas Antique Finished Metal Miniature.

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This 54mm scale figure is antique finished and only 200 were produced.

The kingdom of Arthedain was one of the three successor states of the ancient realm of Arnor, and though hard pressed by enemies, it lasted for a thousand years.

In its kings the line of Isildur was preserved, and amongst its treasures were two of the Palantiri that survived the wreck of Arnor. With the rise of the kingdom of Angmar in around 1300 T.A., Arthedain and her armies became the main bulwark of opposition to the Witch-king and his hordes, and an almost constant state of warfare existed between the states for more than seven hundred years.

Arthedain's armies were battle hardened and formidable, making up in skill and experience what they lacked in numbers.

This figure represents one of the captains of Arthedain during the long struggle with Angmar. His helmet still bears a resemblance to the "Karma" pattern, which ultimately derived from ancient Numenor, and he wears a coat of scale mail. Northmen influence can also be seen in his garb.

Antique finish means the metal figure is coated with a mix of black gloss paint and white spirits and the excess is wiped off with a cloth that has thinners on it, this results in a dark toned finish that accentuates the details. The figure is then hand polished.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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Antique Finished and assembled.