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Archive | MS553 LOTR 'Gandalf™ and Gwaihir™' Fellowship Vignette.

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180.00 Grams

Gandalf was told by Radagast that he was summoned to Isengard to meet Saruman. Gandalf (and Radagast) was unaware of Saruman’s betrayal of their original purpose. When Gandalf refused to join forces with Saruman, he was imprisoned in the tower of Orthanc.

Radagast the Brown had told Gwaihir, one of the great Eagles about where Gandalf had gone. Gwaihir went there to discover Gandalf trapped on the tower.

So Gwaihir carried Gandalf to safety.

Dimensions: Figure measures 47mm in height from bottom of base to top of Gandalf's Staff.

This is the 52nd release in the new Gold Status Fellowship club. This is November 2009's Winning idea. It was suggested by 'Grond'.

Fellowship club
Maia and Animal
Release Date:
May 2010